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Choosing Your Finish
One of the first decisions you will have to make after deciding you are installing wood floors in your home is if you will go with a pre-finished or unfinished option. The majority of wood floors are pre-finished; but the final decision will depend on the wood species, the conditions it will be exposed to and your preference. The biggest convenience of a pre-finished product is that it is easier to install. On the other hand, the initial investment in the unfinished floor is less. Although unfinished floors cost less in the beginning, there is a finishing increase in labor costs that can make the installation a little more expensive in the long run. Both alternatives have pros and cons you need to weight out before making any purchase.

Unfinished of Pre-finished?
A good finish brings out the beauty of a floor, protects it and make it easier to clean, but if you are still debating which is the way to go with your wood flooring, learn here about other advantages of unfinished vs. finished. For more information about hardwood floor finishes, contact Carpet N' Drapes Carpet One Floor & Home at 904.385.3532 or stop by our store at 351 Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park, FL.