Tigressa Cherish

Nothing compares to this comfortable underfoot experience. 


Tigressa Cherish in Orange Park

Tigressa Cherish is part of the known Tigressa carpet family designed for those people that are looking for a soft, luxurious carpet for their home. Recognized as “best in industry” for softness and strength, Tigressa Cherish is a line that uses an innovative yarn engineering system with advanced color technology. This soft fiber collection inspired by nature, features and incredible array of color that blend together perfectly. This softness comes from the carpet’s small fibers, only a quarter of the size of the traditional Tigressa fibers. While smaller fibers create a luxurious feel, this carpet is extremely durable due to more filaments per square inch in this carpet than other products. This allows wear from traffic, soiling, and staining to be distributed across more individual fibers.

A Tigressa Cherish carpet can be compared with a cashmere sweater. Just like a cashmere sweater requires special care to ensure its durability, the same thing should be done with this carpet. Don’t let this fact change your purchasing decision because it’s not as complicated as it sounds. The only thing you need to have in mind is to use a vacuum that meets certain specifications. The best option is to use a vacuum that is lightweight and has an adjustable height that will clean your carpet without damaging the fibers. Failure to use a vacuum meeting the manufacturer’s specifications may void your warranty. If you have doubts regarding the vacuum you have at home, make sure you discuss this with one of our experts.

Another great feature of Tigressa Cherish carpets is that they are a Green Select product because they are made from recycled type 6 nylon fibers. This is an amazing attractive for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.

All Tigressa Cherish styles are covered by Carpet One’s Platinum Carpet Warranty, which features the life of floor stain and soiling protection and excellent coverage for wear and texture retention.